Offer Australia's Premiere Preschool Ballet Programs in YOUR SCHOOL and watch your classes thrive!

We're ready to grow!

Until now, Kinderballet licensees have only been made available  to our teachers and a select few who approached directly.  Now, after 8 years of perfecting our licensing product, we are ready to open it up in 2019!

We have a limited number of licenses available to start in 2019, we are keeping the number small so we can nurture our new licensees. More licenses will become available later in the year and thereafter.

In order to maintain Kinderballet’s great reputation, there will be an application process to make sure you are a good fit for us and that you are the right person to offer our program which we cherish like one of our own children.

Applications are processed in the order received, but we also take into account who registered first. So try and register as soon as you can to avoid the dance school down the street beating you to it!

What you get as a Kinderballet Licensee?

As a Kinderballet Licensee you get so much more than access to a website. You will become a part of a very special group of teachers, driven by the passion to share their love of ballet and take their teaching to the next level. You will train in a studio environment with other teachers as well as join them in an online discussion group - you will not be alone!


All of the Kinderballet programs have been developed specifically to introduce classical ballet to young children.

The programs are constantly updated and refined to ensure that you have the very best programs available anywhere in the world.


All of the music used to teach the Kinderallet programs has been developed specifically by Sheryn Zarins in collaboration with Jenny Pickering - renowned pianist who's association with ballet in Australia goes back 40 years.

Teacher Training

Currently we hold teacher training sessions in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney every term. Teachers get the opportunity to come together regularly to learn the programs and teaching techniques in a studio environment directly from Sheryn!

Teacher Assessments

All teachers of the Kinderballet programs must be assessed by Sheryn before they are permitted to teach. This allows us to maintain a very high standard and our excellent reputation.

“After running over 15,000 preschool ballet classes in AUSTRALIA over the past 12 years - Kinderballet understands preschool ballet like no one else!”

Register Now!

Learn more about Kinderballet Licensing and our very Special Introductory Offers !

Introducing Sheryn

The creative force behind Kinderballet!

Sheryn is the creator of ALL Kinderballet Programs & Music, she trains and assesses teachers, runs Teacher Masterclasses

and still teaches her own Kinderballet classes every week!

Sheryn is a former RAD Graded examiner and teacher, Kinderballet has been built on a lifetime of experience learning, teaching and examining ballet in Australia and internationally.

Although the original Kinderballet programs and music were developed in 2006, Sheryn is still passionatly reveiws and updates everything on a regular basis. Kinderballet never stands still! Sheryn sees what works, what doesn't - every week in her own classes - this drives the constant improvement in music, programs, training, assessment, advanced teacher courses and how to advise and help new teachers.

"I created Kinderballet to share my love of classical ballet with the next generation and introduce ballet to the wider community."

Program Creation

ALL Kinderballet programs have been created by Sheryn, they are constantly updated and improved to ensure that the Kinderballet Programs stay well-ahead of the competition.

Music Creation

Sheryn has created all of the Kinderballet music in collaboration with renowned Australian musician - Jenny Pickering.

Teacher Training

Sheryn trains the teachers in a studio environment at teacher training EVERY term in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.
Teachers benefit greatly from learning the programs and enhancing their skills regularly directly from sheryn in a studio!

Teacher Assessments

ALL Kinderballet teachers are assessed by Sheryn personally, either in person or via recording. This is a key factor in mainting Kinderballet's impeccable reputation.


Sheryn developed a series of Teaching Methodology Masterclasses focusing on different facets of teaching dance to preschoolers. Sheryn also takes these classes along with other guest speakers.

Kinderballet Teacher

Sheryn teaches the Kinderballet Programs every week!

This is how she can continuiously improve the programs, music, teacher training and offer the best advice to teachers.

“More and more dance schools are realising that successful preschool classes are critical to the success of their entire school!”




Preschool Ballet Classes


Aussie Kids

Introduced to Classical Ballet

What do our current licensees have to say?

Our licensees have been offering the Kinderballet programs in their own schools for 5 years now -

Elanor Lyons

Butterfly Ballet - Gold Coast, QLD

“The Kinderballet programs allow children to learn & love ballet whilst expanding their imagination and creative expression. For me, it combines my passion of theatre, dance and working with young people.”

Therese Souter

Toes 2 Pointe - Noble Park/Lynbrook, Vic

“I get to teach these wonderful programs that I truly believe are so beneficial to the start of a child’s life in the world of dance. I love the opportunity to connect with like minded people who I can talk to gain the best out of my classes.”

Anna Williams

Tiny Twinkle Toes Ballet - North Lakes, Qld

“I love being a part of this family - I feel so loved, encouraged and so honoured to be teaching these amazing programs to preschoolers. Sheryn and Peter are so supportive and always there for guidance and advice. I have never worked with anyone so incredible. Thank you Kinderballet.”

Miranda Smith

Dance Empire Sunshine Coast, Qld

"What I love about Kinderballet is that it offers my preschool students a solid foundation of classical ballet technique whilst captivating their imaginations through the delightful Kinderballet programs."

Natalie Froling

Arabesque Dance Studios - South-East Melbourne, Vic

“My absolute love of dance and children. I couldn't think of a better job to have that combines the two things that I adore. I like the program and the age appropriateness. I like the confidence and joy it brings to kids”

Rebecca Clarke

Redland Dance - Cleveland, Qld

“Ultimately, I guess the best bit is that I sleep at night knowing that I teach what I believe in. I look forward to going to work the next morning no matter how tired I am as a studio owner and teacher, and through the programs that we offer, the children continually teach me to be a better teacher.”

Join us in 2019!

Register now to learn more about Kinderballet Licensing and our very Special Introductory Offers !

What Our Customers Think of Us

Kinderballet is already a well-known and highly-regarded Australian brand:

“Kinderballet constantly sets the standards in preschool ballet - then exceeds them!”

Preschool Dance Teaching Methodology Masterclasses

Take your teaching of preschool dance  to the next level!

Due to a demand from our teachers to grow and refine their skills, we introduced Masterclasses in Preschool Dance Teaching Methodology in 2015.

Each course focuses on a different facet of teaching dance to preschoolers.

Including: Child Psychology, Development Stages of Preschool Children (and how it relates to preschool ballet), Teaching Ballet Steps to Preschool Children (understanding the age group and setting realistic expectations), and a Focus on Musicality.

Soon we will announce the very first session to be opened-up to all teachers (not just Kinderballet teachers and Licensees). We are arranging several very special guest speakers.

Register to find out more!

Now for some business stuff...

"The success of any business depends on its ability to attract and retain loyal customers"

"About 60% of Kinderballet's new customers come from Word of Mouth"

"Kinderballet Licensing sounds great, but i'm running a business"

When becoming a Kinderballet Licensee, your business will benefit in the following ways:

Customer Acqusition

Kinderballet is an established Australian brand, well-known and highly respected in Australia.

Your customers will be drawn to your Kinderballet classes because they recognize and trust the Kinderballet brand.

Consider that a proportion of the Licensing fees you pay is effectively going toward drawing in new customers.

Compare that to the thousands of dollars you might spend each year on ineffective advertising or time wasted on social media.

Eventually, you will have many new customers coming to you from word of mouth, ie. free advertising!

Customer Retention

Your customers will stay with you longer when you offer them the very best!

You will have at your disposal the very best preschool ballet programs and associated music available; you will be well-trained to deliver the programs and your teaching will improve as you attend quarterly teacher training sessions and even Masterclasses.

Your customers will love you and many will stay with you for many years, they will also tell everyone about their amazing teacher and/or the amazing dance school they attend!

You will have trained to teach the Kinderballet programs as an 'Accredited Kinderballet Teacher'. You will attend teacher training to improve your skills and learn more in a studio environment with other like-minded teachers. You will have access to the 'KB Teachers' page where you can ask questions, discuss program and teaching issues with Sheryn, other teachers and licensees.

Our Work with the Starlight Children's Foundation

Since 2012, Kinderballet has worked with the Starlight Children's Foundation to help make a visit to hospital a little brighter!

Kinderballet works with the Starlight Foundation in Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, and Westmeade Children’s Hospital and Sydney Children’s Hospital with plans to run programs in Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane in the new year.

Kinderballet donates dance sessions for sick children and their siblings during the school holidays.  ‘It gives the opportunity for Kinderballet to be able to give back, by not only providing a fun and creative movement dance session, but adding some magic to the children’s lives’ says Sheryn who came up with the idea two years ago.   Sheryn recognised that the style of the Kinderballet programs was well matched with the ideology of the Starlight Express rooms – creating a fun and imaginative space to  help sick kids forget their illness and re-discover the joy of childhood.

Registration Form

Please register and be the first to find out more about Kinderballet Licensing!

We are only releasing a limited number of licenses in 2018 and a very limited number available at the Special Introductory Price, so make sure your get you name ASAP!

What does 'Registering' entail?

It just means that you have expressed interest to find out more about Kinderballet Licensing. It does not committ you to anything. It also gets your name down as applications are considered, not only in the order they arrive but who registered first!

Also, you'll be the first to get the latest news - before it goes onto the website!

You have nothing to lose so register now!

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Contact Us

Not ready to register? You are welcome to call, email or even arrange a time to come into our office for a chat :)

If you're not in Melbourne then we might be able to arrange meeting interstate when we are there for teacher training sessions - you might even be able to arrange to pop-in and check out one of our teacher training sessions for yourself!



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Please email us if you do not find the answers to your questions below:

How much will it all cost?

You will have to register to find out  :)

Will I get an exclusive territory?

Only some of our licensees are offered a restricted territory, it does cost more and you have to be running a substantial number of classes to justify it.

Is this only for dance schools?

No, you can apply to be a Kinderballet Licensee is you are the sole teacher and you teach in rented spaces. You can also apply if you are thinking about starting you own school and have seen the benefit of using Kinderballet to kick-start your school!

Can I still teach Kinderballet classes if I cannot attend teacher training?

We would prefer for you to attend teacher training each term, but if you cannot we can support you with online resources. You will still have to pass assessment to be accrediated as a Kinderballet teacher

Do I have to decide by a certain date?

No. We have some great introductory offers available and we do process licensee applications in the order they come in, but if you not ready to go ahead you can contact us whenever you like.

We are based in Australia, so you can call, email or if you're in Melbourne, then you can arrange to meet in our Keilor Park office. If you are interstae then we could catch-up when we are there for teacher training - you might even be able to drop-in and check out our training for yourself!

Do you include business and marketing systems (and/or advice) as part of the license?

Sorry, but no.  As this is purely a ‘Trademark and Copyright License Agreement' we cannot include business systems and/or advice, nor marketing systems and/or advice.

Is Kinderballet just for girls?

We focus on girls in the preparation of our programs and in our marketing. We have always had some boys but since they make up less than half of one percent we do not focus on them. This does not reflect our  opinions on what boys should do and what girls should do, its just good business sense!


1/53 Quinn Drive

Keilor Park

Victoria 3042



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